Get Your Carpentry NVQ

Take a Carpentry NVQ and qualify for your next Carpentry CSCS Card. Our Carpentry NVQs are done through the On Site Assessment and Training (OSAT) route which allows you to get your Carpentry NVQ without having to spend time in a class room or miss any time off work.
What Carpentry NVQs are on offer?
We offer the following Carpentry NVQs:
The On Site Assessment and Training Carpentry NVQ
The OSAT Carpentry NVQ is the most practical way getting the qualification for Carpenters in work. Unlike other routes to getting your Carpentry NVQ, OSAT allows you to get qualified while you work. No time off, no time sitting in college classrooms and no lost pay.
How much is the Carpentry NVQ?
Our inexpensive direct debit monthly instalments scheme will help you through your studies, with an initial payment of just £150, and interest free monthly instalments on the first of each month. To view the price of individual Carpentry NVQs please fill out the form on the right.
How many assessment days will it take to get my Carpentry NVQ?
This depends on the level of Carpentry NVQ you take. As a rule of thumb assessment for a Level 2 Carpentry NVQ usually takes just a single day, assessment for Levels 3 and 4 will take longer as there is more to be covered but should be completed in less than one week.

The Carpentry NVQ and CSCS Cards

Blue CSCS Card Blue CSCS Card
A Level 2 Carpentry NVQ will qualify you for a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS Card.
Gold CSCS CardGold CSCS Card
Upon completion of a Level 3 Carpentry NVQ you will qualify for a Gold CSCS Card.
Black CSCS CardBlack CSCS Card
With a Level 4 or higher Carpentry NVQ you will be qualified for a Black CSCS Card.